As a band or musician, video is the most important tool you have at your disposal to connect with fans, stream online gigs and earn a revenue from your music.  


We specialise in professional broadcast quality videos with an infrastructure geared towards

'Pay Per View' and 'Live Lounge' 


We use a combination of 4K cameras, A four channel professional switcher and a Soundcraft Live mixing desk to broadcast via Twitch, YouTube, Facebook and even your own website. 


Additional facilities include Pro Tools Multi-channel recording & mix and a Resolve Video file of your performance to edit and render for additional content, etc.  


We also offer the facility to come out and record/broadcast your gig (Covid permitting). 


Prices start from: 


£99   for solo singer/songwriters

£299 for bands 


Contact us on 07728 717593 for more information and a discussion on your exact requirements.