Video & Social Media Marketing

Media content creator & social marketing facilitator 

Your customers are online, which means you need to be too. 


At Elusive, we help businesses and individuals create fantastic innovative media content and marketing campaigns that engages with audiences at affordable prices. 

See how we can help you tell a great story and connect with a bigger audience.

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Multi-cam Live Broadcasts

Live streaming isn’t the next big thing. It’s already here. Millions of people are live streaming across popular sites like Periscope, Facebook Live, Vimeo, Youtube Live, and Twitch.


In 2020, live streaming is expected to account for 82% of all internet traffic. (Source: Go-Globe)

The billion dollar live streaming economy is taking rapid shape, especially as consumers look for alternatives to traditional media and seek a level of authenticity that we haven’t seen since the first days of live television.

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Property/Business Video Tours & 360° Photography

The perfect tool to let potential customers see your business. 


Whether thats the facilities you offer to customers, a house or business premises or to showcase your new workshop, showroom or offices. 


This can all be shown in amazing photographs and/or smooth, interactive and stunning 5.7k video.

Social Media Consultancy

Are you wondering why you would actually need to hire a social media consultant for your business? Can’t you just have a member of staff monitor Facebook or bring on an intern for a couple of months to set up your social media accounts for you?

Absolutely not. Never. If you are having an urge to hire a teenager or are thinking about pawning it off as an extra duty to one of your employees that has absolutely no experience, stop now! This can be detrimental to your business. 

Here's why it's better to use the professionals.

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