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  • Greg Hay-Moulder

We make our own recording equipment!!!

Some of the unique equipment handmade & modified by us.

Whilst we know a studio needs to be more than just gear, it's nice to have equipment to discover a uniqueness to your sound.

At Elusive we like sound, we like it a lot and we like it unique. That is why we have searched the world for studio gear that is in itself Elusive. If it didn't exist we built it ourselves and if it could be improved, we improved on it.

“We feel at Elusive we need to be a bit more than a me too studio, hence why you will find rare and unique studio gear that you won't find anywhere else. We believe in innovate rather than impersonate.”

So at Elusive you will find Burr Brown modded Pre-amps, hand built Pultec style Eq's, heavily modded optical mastering compressors, 1950's valve guitar amps, 8 bit distortion boxes and Spring reverbs with synthesis options. We really do like sound and we like unique sound even more.

We agree with Jack Joesph Puig's philosophy 'to make records that have a unique sound. Too many records sound the same these days, because everyone is using the same gear. So part of what I’m doing at my mix room is to combine analogue gear from the ’50s onwards with the latest digital equipment you can buy today, and mold all that together in a collage to create a record that has its own sound and that stands out.'

And finally as the legendary producer Joe Meek said, 'if it sounds right, it is right'.

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