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  • Greg Hay-Moulder

New gear additions to the studio.

Over recent months the studio has had a bit of an update and upgrade and the first of the upgrades was installing new audio interfaces / converters by Antelope Audio and SSL.

Audio interfaces / converters are an essential item in a recording studio and we feel that Antelope Audio and SSL make some of the best. The audio interface plays a key role in the studio as it is responsible for converting that analogue signal to digital / digital to analogue (ad/da) to and from the computer. The better the converter, the more accurate the reproduction of the source recorded. You can see from the other music professionals here that we are in good company.

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Antelope Audio’s proprietary FPGA is optimized to run custom equalization, compression, and reverb plug-ins. This potent modeling arsenal includes our vintage EQ models, compressors and AuraVerb, as well as other effects to be released.

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