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Pay Per View Streaming Services

Want to still gig in a pandemic?  Want to keep connected with your fans and still earn from your music? Want to do it in a Covid secure environment? 


Then you've come to the right place! 


At Elusive, we are the only performance facility in the area to offer professional multi-cam video and audio live broadcast facilities.

Using the latest 4k cinema and VR 360 degree cameras, Audio mixing/recording and Blackmagic broadcast equipment. We have a proven record of delivering professional results for our clients. 

With a variety of options to offer your fans, we can help you continue to earn from your music.


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Studio Recording

Recording & Mixing

Elusive is the only studio in the area with a SSL (Solid State Logic) Console, the best AD/DA converters from Antelope Audio & SSL and a collection of bespoke and rare outboard equipment. 


With the ability to record from 4 different live rooms with some of the best recording equipment currently available with producers/engineers with 15 years experience. 


There really isn't an experience or studio better anywhere else.   

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With 4 good size rooms, each professionally treated and containing a quality PA (Mackie, Yamaha, Peavey).

We are the only studio to offer complimentary use of 2 track recorders and 1080HD Video Cameras, these are available to help you capture your idea sessions.


A comfortable & productive environment, experienced staff to help you set up your session, complimentary tea & coffee and quality gear really that will inspire you and your music and make every visit an enjoyable experience. 

See for yourself why we have bands coming here for years and continue to do so.  

Room hire £10 per hour

Drum Shells hire £5 per session

Kit hire £8 per session

Amp hire £5 per session

Elusive Recording Studios is located on the outskirts of St Helens and Warrington. The studio opened in 2006 and during that time we have expanded and grown as a business, creating media content viewed in the 10s of millions, had clients music played on all the major radio stations including BBC radio 1 & 2, created a thriving community and introduced a whole host of unique services not available anywhere else.


One of the unique services we offer regular bands is the ability to a gain access to our amazing professional music based resources, networking events, knowledge and education for a nominal monthly fee.  You can find out more here.


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